Andrea Bharatt.

An outraged community is now mourning the loss of Andrea Bharatt.

Residents of Arima believe how the magistrates’ clerk died has cast a dark shadow over the area that will linger for some time. Overshadowing the usual hustle and bustle in the borough are grief and heartache following the tragic death of a daughter of the soil, according to Bernadette, a great grandmother and resident, who said the news was shocking,

“It makes me feel very bad because at the end of the day I have children, grandchildren and even a great-grandchild and we all as elderly need to teach our children to pray. Young people need to go down on their knees and pray, what happened to that girl is beyond sad,” she said.

The body of 23-year-old Bharatt was discovered down a precipice off the Heights of Aripo on Thursday, almost a week after she was reported missing. At least seven people were detained in connection with the incident, including Andrew Morris, who died in custody. Another suspect is said to be in the Intensive Care Unit while two others were released.

Paul, better known in the area as “Chow”, was nearly moved to tears as he spoke about Andrea’s death. A tattoo artist described the incident as disturbing.

“I was disgusted by that. I only have sisters and real nieces so it was really disturbing and it make me study that could happen to my family as well, it really sad,” he said.

Another man said justice must be swift: “These people they just malicious and wicked I find they should have the people who are found guilty in a place where they can’t even see sunlight because the girl was trying hard.”

At the Arima Old Road taxi stand, where Bharatt boarded a car but never arrived at her home, taxi drivers expressed hurt and pain.

“I feeling real sorrowful for the taxi community. It is a real sad thing to happen, it also makes it bad on us as people not plying the trade honestly it really sad,” one of them said

“Government needs to do all they can now, this is getting more and more serious, I was close friends with this young lady’s father, yesterday water came into my eyes, I have three girls, I does real worry now.”