ASJA Girls’ Alumni Association president Nadeira Khan presents a laptop to a student during a ceremony yesterday.

A week ago, they had no devices to do online classes. But after a vigorous fund-raising drive by the ASJA Girls’ Alumni Association, a dozen of the school’s students have received new laptops.

The students collected their laptops at the school on Tuesday. The association president Nadeira Khan said they were now raising funds to assist five more underprivileged students.

“It has been hard work but through the kind generosity of donors, alumni members via new registration and renewal of membership, we met our target,” Khan said.

She noted that the cost of devices had also escalated.

“Laptops and electronic devices have become a scarce commodity, prices have gone up and they are in high demand.”

She said the staff recommended the students after careful investigation and consideration.

“The objective was to assist those students most deserving of the electronic devices, whose parents are unable to afford such due to financial constraints,” Khan said.

Noting many students do not have the means to afford the devices, Khan said some also do not have Internet access in their homes while others have siblings who also need devices.

“It is difficult sometimes to share the devices, especially if classes are on at the same time. Some parents who work and do not have babysitters leave the students in the care of their relatives such as their grandparents, aunts and uncles, who are unable to use the internet or may not have internet in their homes either,” Khan added.

She said this term will be a very challenging time for parents both on a primary and secondary level.

“The intention of the AGSFAA was not to strain anyone’s pockets, nor was it to collect more money than necessary. We set a target and a deadline. The president has indicated from her personal experience, having three children herself, the online learning platform is not an easy road, it is very time consuming and stressful and takes a lot of proper planning from the principals of all schools.”

She expressed gratitude to Andy’s General Services Ltd., ASH-NAD Foundation, Ashmead J. Ali, Sharazoodeen Baksh, Nazamudin Mohamed, F. Razac, MJM Enterprises Ltd, WBI Construction Services Ltd and Greenway Business Solutions for their generosity. She also thanked the members of the alumni for their hard work.

Khan said the next step was to source internet access from service providers free of charge or at a minimal cost.

Anyone wanting to join or contribute to association can call 683-1501 or email to [email protected] (RDS)