PDP Deputy Political leader Farley Augustine.

Tobago House of Assembly Chief Secretary, Farley Augustine has announced the composition of the Executive Council.

The titles of these Divisions have been changed by the new Administration as Augustine believes they needed streamlining in a “much more appropriate manner.”

Division of Health, Wellness and Social Protection

Secretary Dr Faith B Yisrael
Assistant Secretary Sonny Craig

Division of Settlements, Public utilities and Rural Development

Secretary Ian Pollard
Assistant Secretary Niall George

Division of Food Security Natural Resources, the Environment and Sustainable Development

Secretary Nathisha Charles – Pantin
Assistant Secretary Nigel Taitt

Division of Education Research and Technology

Secretary Zorisha Hackett
Assistant Secretary Orlando Kerr

Division of Infrastructure, Quarries and Urban Development

Secretary Trevor James
Assistant Secretary Joel Sampson

Tourism, Culture, Antiquities and Transportation
Secretary Tashia Burris
Assistant Secretary Megan Morrison

Community Development, Youth Development and Sport.

Secretary Terance Baynes
Assistant Secretary Wane Clarke

Finance, Trade and the Economy
Secretary Farley Augustine

Assistant Secretary in Office of the Chief Secretary (In charge of Public Administration, Planning and Labour)

Certica Williams – Orr

Reporter: Akash Samaroo