Roger Watts shows his injuries


Triathlon athlete Roger Watts, 55, of Diego Martin, is thanking God for life after he fell off a ‘drop’ of a waterfall in the Blue Basin area on Sunday during a walk in the forested area.

Watts, who is currently at home resting, said he’s doing great but nursing injuries to the head and leg.

According to a missing person report made by his wife, Watts was last seen at his Blue Basin Gardens, Diego Martin, home at about 6 am on Sunday.

He was reported missing to the West End Police Station at about 5.20 pm that same day.

Speaking to the Guardian Media in a brief telephone interview, Watts said being the athletic type of person he is, he is used to swimming every morning with a group of people his age or cycling, but on Sunday he decided to “take a walk into the woods.”

He said he walked close to the Blue Basin waterfall and on his way back he fell about 12-feet down from off a drop of one of the waterfalls he encountered.

He said as a result of the fall, he sustained a big gash to the head and injuries to the leg.

“I was bleeding alot and my goal was to try to stop the bleeding otherwise I may have bled out so I took my jersey and wrapped my head in a bid to stop the bleeding.”

“It was almost dark and I knew I couldn’t go on and decided to sleep there and on morning light I made it to a river and found my way onto a roadway where I was picked up by three young men, neighbours, who recognized me and stopped for me,” Watts said.

He added: “They told me everyone was looking for me and that my wife was worried as I know she would have been. They took me round the corner to my home then I was taken to the hospital for treatment,” he added.

Close friends of Watts took to social media and thanked God he was found alive and extended words of gratitude to those who would have offered prayers for his safe return to his family.

His friends also said they hoped that he is not charged for ‘hiking’ by the police.