Atlantic LNG


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The CEO of Atlantic LNG, Dr Philip Mshelbila has contended that there are signs that demand for energy is on the rise once again. However, he admitted that the increase has been sluggish.

Speaking at the American Chamber of Commerce of T&T’s (AMCHAM T&T) 2020 HSSE conference, Mshelbila said: “The global LNG business has experienced a contraction, as reduced economic activity around the world has had a knock-on effect on demand for natural gas and LNG. Fortunately, there are signs that global demand for energy is beginning to recover, albeit slowly.”

Atlantic LNG’s CEO asserted that the company continues to navigate through the storm in the midst of being buffeted by wind and waves that seem to assault its existence. He added that energy prices remain lower than they were, while simultaneously ushering a new era of even more targeted cost management and energy efficiency across the industry.

In spite of this, Mshelbila argued that there can be no compromise on the safety and reliability of Atlantic LNG’s business. He added that the practice of HSSE and its contribution to business viability and success has become even more critical during the global pandemic.

Mshelbila said: “At Atlantic, resilience in these times has meant that our business has had to evolve. We have had to discover innovative ways to deliver our targets, to manage risks both prior and new and to keep our people safe and productive.”

In response to the pandemic that has ravaged societies and economies, Mshelbila disclosed that Atlantic LNG developed and activated its COVID-19 Pandemic Response Plan, where three key principles have guided the company from the onset.

According to Mshelbila, Atlantic LNG resolved that it would protect the health and safety of its employees, sustain safe and reliable operations for as long as possible, and provide care and support where feasible to all of its stakeholders, especially in its home community of Point Fortin.

He argued that ever since these three principles have been foundational to the company’s experiences. Atlantic’s President added that in the months following the implementation of the national lock-down his company has been discovering its collective resilience and building upon it.

“Atlantic has experienced no impact to our production. We have been able to keep to our schedule for maintenance of our Trains. We have delivered four maintenance outages within budget, on time and most importantly, we have delivered them safely.”

The CEO added that a big part of the company’s pandemic response has been powered by technology. He said that some of the state-of-the-art technology initiatives that the company has embarked upon in light of the pandemic have become the platforms that facilitate remote working and other necessary evolutions of the organization’s business model.