Cedric “Burkie” Burke

The family of Cedric “Burkie” Burke, 45, wants closure and believe that they will get it after an autopsy is done by a private independent pathologist once the Ministry of Health consents.

This was disclosed to the Guardian Media by the family’s attorney, Chelsea John.

John said they are still awaiting full disclosure of the medical records that the Ministry has agreed to provide once a next-of-kin verification is done. “Because of the sudden death, the family is in a state of grief and shock so ultimately they are looking for closure, part of which is knowing exactly what it is went on…and knowing that he did not show any signs of COVID-19, to accept this by word of mouth they looking for closure and confirmation of his cause of death.”

Guardian Media understands that all required documents to verify next-of-kin have not yet been sent to the Ministry of Health.

However, the process is still ongoing with a renewed assurance that Burke’s body will be kept on hold from the State’s disposal until his family confirms the cause of death via independent medical advice.

On Saturday, the family made the formal request for Burke’s medical records in a letter sent to the ministry by John.

In response, the Ministry of Health, through its acting Legal Adviser, Mala Kowlessar-Tagallie, asked for documentation “confirming that your Client is the lawful next of kin of the Deceased.”

It said that once that is produced, the Ministry had no objection to the disclosure of a copy of the medical records from Burke’s admission into hospital on September 9 to his death on September 11.

The Ministry also said it had no objections to the preservation of the body pending the family’s solicitation of expert medical advice/confirmation as to the medical condition and cause of death.