Murder victim Preamnath Maraj.

Three days after Premnath Maraj was brutally hacked to death during an argument, police are still searching for his killer.

Investigators confirmed that the 41-year-old suspect of Avocat Village, Fyzabad, remained in hiding after fleeing through some bushes along St John’s Branch Trace on Monday evening. They are hoping to interview Taramatee Ramsingh, who underwent two surgeries at the San Fernando General Hospital. Ramsingh suffered chop wounds on her head and hand during the incident.

She remained there up to yesterday evening.

Reports stated that Maraj, 37, of St Mary’s Village, was cutting grass with a brush cutter outside Ramsingh’s house around 5 pm on Monday.

The suspect complained that the cutter was pitching stones onto his house, and an argument broke out. The suspect allegedly picked up a cutlass and chopped Maraj on his head and neck. Maraj walked a short distance before he collapsed and died. Ramsingh heard the commotion and tried to intervene but also suffered several chop wounds. Relatives took her to the Siparia District Health Facility, where doctors managed to save her.