The eroded and collapsed Benji Trace, Flanagin that is taking a toll on the farmers.

Farmers operating out of Benji Trace, Flanagin Town in central Trinidad are begging for assistance.

On Wednesday Navin Ramoutar, spokesman for the farmers took Guardian Media on a tour of the area.

Ramoutar said the road was once a major connector road between the communities of Flanagin and Caparo.

However, the road was abandoned by pedestrians and motorists and was only used by farmers in the area.

But he said several parts of the roadway had become impassable making it difficult for farmers to get to their crops.

Ramoutar said the worst spot is at the entrance of the road that is crumbling.

He said as a result thieves have been looting gardens.

Ramoutar said he has lost a crop of ginger to bandits.

He added, he has written to all the relevant authorities including the Ministry of Agriculture, but he said everyone has neglected the problems of the farmers.

Ramoutar said if the Couva/Tabauite/Talparo Regional Corporation (CTTRC) could provide the material for doing minor repairs to the road, the farmers would spread the material.

Ramoutar said when he contacted the CTTRC they advised the farmers to purchase the material and the CTTRC would use its heavy equipment to spread it.

Ramoutar said two wooden bridges in the area have also collapsed making it difficult for farmers.

In an immediate response, Henry Awong the Chairman of the CTTRC said he understands the plight of the farmers and would try to bring some relief to them in the shortest possible time.

Awong said he plans on raising the issue of the roadway at a meeting of public matters with corporation officials.

Awong said he would look at ways to get recycled road paving materials recovered from the milling of roads to spread on the bad spots so farmers could have some access.