Curtis Charles

A 53-year-old labourer has been placed on a $5,000 bond to keep the peace and be of good behaviour for one year after being found guilty of assault and breaches of a protection order.

Curtis Charles, also known as ‘Baldhead’, ‘Jasper’ and ‘Shortman’, was sentenced yesterday by Magistrate Sarah De Silva at the Sangre Grande Magistrates’ Court after being charged on August 19 with two counts of assault by threats and three counts of breach of a protection order.

Charles, of Hicks Lane, Eastern Main Road, D’abadie, previously appeared in court on August 20, where he pleaded guilty to the three counts of breach of a protection order. He pleaded not guilty to the assault by threat charge and was granted $45,000 bail and ordered to stay 100 feet away from the complainant and to have no communication with her.

A protection order was issued on March 5 after Charles made telephone calls to his former common-law wife on February 28 and again on March 3, where he threatened to kill her if she didn’t come back home. However, Charles breached the protection order when he again called the woman on March 20 and August 16, wanting to know her whereabouts.

On August 18 at 4 pm, the woman was in the bedroom at a house in Biche when she heard Charles calling her name asking to talk. She then heard knocking on a glass window in the living room. The woman looked outside and saw Charles. He was arrested in Biche on August 18 at 5.30 pm and was charged on August 19 at the Sangre Grande Police Station.