FLASHBACK... A view of patrons at one of the bars featured in online videos now circulating on social media. Both Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh are concerned that the patrons flouted the COVID-19 protocols and are now threatening to shut down bars which do so.

The Bar Owners Association of Trinidad and Tobago (BOATT) has condemned bar owners breaching the current COVID-19 Regulations, and is encouraging citizens to partner with it in keeping bars, pubs and restaurants COVID-19 free.

In an official statement, BOATT also strongly condemns those persons threatening any citizen who has reported on a breach by a bar, pub or restaurant.

The Association also reiterates its commitment to working with the authorities—in particular, the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS)—to ensure that its membership and all bars remain compliant with the health guidelines for such establishments.

The full text of the BOATT statement, follows…


We, the Bar Owners Association of Trinidad & Tobago (BOATT), have taken note of a report highlighting “Two Held for Operating Bars after Hours”.

In keeping with this we would like to thank the Trinidad & Tobago Police Service (TTPS) and the Prime Minister for their intervention in communicating with the Minister of National Security in assisting our Association in enforcing the Health Regulations and Guidelines for Restaurants and Bars, as set out by the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and the Ministry of Health.

As a responsible Association, we welcome all assistance that is provided as we strive to work hand in hand with the relevant authorities to ensure compliance of the guidelines.

In keeping with the penalties for breaches of The Public Health Ordinance, where a person who commits an offense is liable upon summary conviction to a fine of $50,000 and imprisonment for a term of six months, we the Bar Owners Association of Trinidad and Tobago trust that the rules of fairness and equity would be utilized in ensuring that we are treated likewise as opposed to closing an entire industry for the actions of an errant few.

We hereby affirm that we shall partner with the TTPS to ensure that any establishment that is breaching the Rules of The Public Health Ordinance would forthwith be identified and communicated about, to ensure that we all work to keep CoVid-19 out of our Bars and Restaurants and our citizens safe and virus free, as we do our small part to “flatten the curve”.

We would also strongly condemn ANY persons being threatened for highlighting the “errant few”. We welcome any citizen to partner with us and the TTPS to ensure the safety of our National Community.

President, BOATT