Interim President of the Bar Owners and Operators Association Teron Mohan.

President of the Bar Owners and Operators Association (BOATT) is assuring that his members will comply with the COVID regulations despite expressing concerns about the possible impacts of the government’s latest extension.

The association had pleaded with the government for operations to return to a level of normalcy prior to Saturday’s announcement by Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley that existing measures will remain in effect for another month.

The association had issued a release painting a grim picture of the industry and stakeholders during the lockdown period. It said many bar owners and staff members experienced severe financial losses, especially in the last month.

But according to the association’s head, Teron Mohan, despite the crippling effects of the restrictions on bar owners and operators, the country’s COVID-19 crisis warranted full corporation.

“We would also go on some sort of campaign some sort of visual campaign to show the public that bars are not responsible for the spread of Covid-19, we do understand what is required of us and we will campaign that we are able to do things in a controlled environment so as to not just carry on our business but ensure public safety as well.”

Previous attempts by the association to lobby the government to return operating hours to normal had fallen on deaf ears with the Prime Minister saying their business encouraged people to violate the health ordinance, members of the association also staged protests outside the Office of the Prime Minister but that also did not sway the government’s position.

Back in July over three hundred bar owners challenged government’s decision to reduce operating hours and sought compensation for losses sustained during the lockdown, Mohan said matter was still before the court.