Undertakers remove the body of Tricia Ramsaran, left, who was murdered by a relative, at her home at Sukhan Trace, Barrackpore, yesterday.

A Barrackpore man who strangled his ex-wife in a fit of rage 16 years ago, yesterday walked into a police station and confessed to killing another woman who was close to him.

Police went to his home at Sukhan Trace, Barrackpore, where they found the body of Tricia Ramsaran, 37.

Police believe that she was also strangled.

Police said around 8.40 am the 50-year-old Ph driver walked into the charge room of the Barrackpore Police Station and gave police a statement admitting that he had just killed a close female relative and left her body behind the house.

The police found the body naked and covered with a sheet at the back of the house.

There were blue and black marks on the face.

Ramsaran was involved in a turbulent common-law relationship for the last five years.

She often fled the home but she always returned.

Last week Wednesday she returned to her home after staying at her mother’s house for a month.

Looking on solemnly as the undertakers removed her body yesterday, a villager said the couple was having problems for about a year.

He said about two weeks ago Ramsaran called and told him she had left the house because the male relative had become very violent.

Describing her as a decent girl, he said she told him that she was scared. That is why he was surprised to see her in his car on Tuesday. He said he spoke to them briefly and the man told him that he was frustrated.

Ramsaran’s mother, Sheila, said they all knew the man’s history and she begged her daughter to stay away from him. While her daughter never complained of being physically abused, she said she was threatened, verbally abused and accused of having affairs. She said her daughter made reports to the police but never took out a restraining order.

She said her daughter told her she was ending the relationship and going to rent on her own. However, she said last Wednesday she went back home.

The mother recalled that about three weeks ago she (mother) went to the police station for advice on taking out a restraining order to prevent the suspect from coming by her home, but the police told her that her daughter had to “put down her foot” and apply for the retraining order herself. Ramsaran was supposed to have returned to work on Monday but she never went.

She would have turned 38 next month.

An autopsy is expected to be performed at the Forensic Science Centre tomorrow.

Visiting the scene were Snr Supt Wayne Mohammed, ASP Ali Mohammed, Insp Jones, Sgt Victor, and other officers of the Barrackpore Police Station and Homicide Bureau of Investigations.

The suspect was charged with murdering his former wife in 2004, but four years later he pleaded guilty to the lesser count of manslaughter. The judge accepted that “in a fit of uncontrollable rage” he killed the woman and placed him on a $50,000 bond to keep the peace for five years. The woman in 2002 had been charged with attempting to kill his six-year-old son after she beat him on the head with a wheel spanner and left for dead on the side of the road. He had said then that he intended to “start over fresh” and devote his life to his two children.