Barry Padarath

Gail Alexander

UNC’s Barry Padarath has accused UNC leadership challenger Vasant Bharath of being among those who only showed up when it was time for senatorial appointments and he threatened to reveal certain alleged reasons why UNC had to halt activities in St Joseph and Chaguanas West.

“Don’t let me tell you why we had to move you from St Joseph not once but twice and why we had to close the Chaguanas West office because of certain activities that were taking place in the office!” Padarath claimed, appearing to direct this at Bharath.

Padarath claimed Bharath had bad-talked Persad-Bissessar at a meeting last Sunday but declined comment when asked about facts given by an analyst on the crime situation and which Persad-Bissesssr had referred to.

“They have mouth for the wrong set of people!”

He called out Bharath on what he might have done to take the UNC into Opposition in 2015.

“So you could meet her without or without cheerleaders and she’ll beat you 10 to one!”

The UNC’s Dr Roodal Moonilal recalled he’d almost cried in one instance in the People’s Partnership Government’s tenure when Bharath had protested against him on an HDC matter. But he said Persad- Bissessar, then Prime Minister had come to the HDC to show support for him despite the situation.

Sangre Grande Corporation chairman Anil Juteram praised Persad- Bissessar’s leadership, detailing her political past including when she was replaced as Attorney General in the Panday UNC by Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj six months after she was appointed.

He said she was also later treated like an “OJT Minister”.

“But no woman not cry,” he said.

UNC Nicholas Morris, also praising her, said Kamla never cut GATE but the PNM did.