PC Brent Batson, Road Safety Coordinator

Jannelle Bernard

[email protected]

Road Safety Coordinator of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service Brent Batson said yesterday the funeral which involved the body of murder victim Che Lewis being placed in an upright sitting position in full view of the public in an open-back vehicle on Wednesday, was in violation of the road traffic regulations.

“Under Road Traffic Regulations 38:17, which applies to transporting persons or carrying persons in a dangerous manner, that is the offence that would have been committed. It would have been committed by the driver,” Batson said.

Lewis, 26, and his father were shot and killed on Saturday while they slept in their beds at their Diego Martin home.

On Wednesday while the father’s body was laid in a coffin at the church, the body of his son was on full display outside of a coffin and placed in a sitting position, as it was being transported to the church in Diego Martin from the Belmont funeral home.

This caused a stir among surprised motorists as well as pedestrians.

Batson said while he understands the need for families who lose loved ones to give them a good send-off, it cannot be done in a way that adds more risk. He said that there are too many uncontrolled factors on the roadways.

Batson said the unusual funeral was an unnecessary risk and distraction to other drivers.