PNM Arima candidate Pennelope Beckles-Robinson at a political meeting in Sangre Grande Thursday night.

Gail Alexander

Desperation is showing on the part of the Opposition UNC with that party’s last-minute giveaways of fridges, stoves and other items, says PNM Arima candidate Penny Beckles.

Speaking at last night’s Sangre Grande PNM meeting Beckles asked people to consider if they and their vote was only worth a stove or microwave oven.

“Do you believe when someone shows up with a truck offering washing machines and TVs, do you believe those people love you and love T&T and want the best for you?”

“When they come to you and they say I they will give you a TV for your vote and a fridge, do they deserve your vote? Do you think the price to put a Government in power is worth a TV or fridge, washing machine and drier or a couch?!”

“I see some candidates literally ushering people into residents’ homes with these things. I’m amazed at the vulgarity and desperation of some people, four of five days before elections, they feel your vote is equitable to a fridge or stove?”

Beckles added, “This is serious, serious matter and the choice is yours to take the TV or fridge but you must think of your future, this is about representation, morality and integrity and the right choice. If this is the best they can do for you by equating your vote with fridge or TV, then you must think again…your vote is not about a fridge, it’s about putting the right people to run T&T – that is the PNM!”

“What’s the price of your vote? Not a stove or fridge! Think about the price you’ll pay if you don’t vote PNM!”

Beckles said Opposition Leader Kamla Persad- Bissessar has made uninformed statements of intent regarding UNC’s plans including “…Taking your UTC savings and your NIB pension – that is the cost to you. If you think she wasn’t serious, look what she did with your NIB money in 2014!“

Beckles noted the NIB under the past Persad- Bissessar administration bought a building around the Queen’s Park Savannah for $36 million when the building was valued at $16.6 million, “Then they spent $5 million to refurbish it and lease it back to the same people they bought it from for $96,000 plus VAT for 10 years with the option to buy it back.”

Beckles assured the PNM has noted water problems in Arima and La Horquetta and “it won’t be left this way.”

She said the people understood what ‘s happening there.

PNM campaign manager Rohan Sinanan said a judgement in the court yesterday confirmed the direction T&T was heading in 2010-2015 was very bad. He detailed plans for highways and to issue a tender by year-end for construction of the planned Toco port. “What we bringing to you is long term employment with ports in Toco and Mayaro with high paying jobs – CEPEP and URP aren’t real jobs.”