BHP Headquarters, Invaders Bay

Australian outfit BHP T&T has announced that it will contribute of 3.35 million dollars to the effort to tackle COVID-19 in T&T.

The company said the money will be spent on equipment and services to support the country’s COVID-19 response.

BHP’s COVID-19 response plan investment includes:

• Sponsoring two ventilated beds with the accompanying equipment

• Providing equipment to support the establishment of field hospitals

• Assisting with the purchase of surgical instruments

• Provision of Employee Assistance Counselling Programme to medical staff

• Care packages, food, nutrition and sustenance to medical staff, homes for the aged and children’s homes

Aspects of BHP’s support will be provided to the communities in which BHP T&T operates.

In a statement the company said its commitment to Social Value investment ensures a continued focus on contributing to T&T’s communities, through resource development, economic contribution and social support.

President of BHP T&T, Vincent Pereira, commented “Our overriding focus remains that of ensuring the safety and well-being of our staff, and that all sanitisation and other protocols as outlined by the Ministry of Heath are followed.

Additionally, we believe that a fundamental area of our support to T&T—especially at this time—is ensuring that we safely continue to deliver our oil and gas production.

“Continuing our petroleum production is an important benefit to the nation as a whole – our electricity network, our support to the downstream sector, the national power grid. It is also a driver of revenue to the local businesses we partner with.”

As part of the COVID-19 response program, BHP Trinidad and Tobago is also working with several suppliers of Materials and Services to arrange for them to temporarily benefit from shorter cycle payment terms by the company.

This is a voluntary reduction from the current payment terms, in an effort by BHP to support the sustainability of local companies at this difficult times