Essential service: A police officer speaks to a fish vendor in Penal, yesterday.

Fishermen can continuing fishing, as they have been deemed as essential.

Minister of National Security Stuart Young confirmed an amendment to the public health ordinance which would allow fishermen, who had complained about their livelihood being affected previously by the recent Stay-at-Home order, to continue heading out to sea.

“Fishermen are essential, we specifically add fishermen, agricultural workers so that answer is fishermen can continue their fishing. So, of course, that leads to the sale of fish, “ he said, “we’re asking the fishermen in the sale of fish, they are not the restaurants that we are not shutting down from tomorrow, in the sale of the fish please continue to listen to the advice of the chief medical officer and the Ministry of Health.”

Young said the fishermen should follow guidelines concerning proper social distancing and proper social hygiene.

“It does not mean people should go and mass congregate around where the fish will be sold, “ he said, adding that members of the public should call ahead to arrange their purchases to avoid gatherings at fish depots.

The National Security Minister also announced another change that would see liquor marts officially barred from selling alcohol, leaving supermarkets as the only place members of the public can purchase alcohol.

“One of the amendments that will be made today is to make it clearer that right now it is only the supermarkets that will be selling the alcohol so those retailers, the liquor marts, etc, are not meant to be essential services, “ said Minister Young,

Over the weekend there was some contention as police officers reportedly moved to close down some liquor marts, leaving owners baffled as to the grounds for the closure.

Young added, “Wholesale suppliers of food and beverages, to the retail suppliers but not to the members of the public to clarify that.”