The T&T Blind Welfare Association yesterday issued an advisory to visually impaired people to follow to prevent being infected by the covid-19 virus.

• Avoid crowded places (only go out when necessary). Stay at home

• Avoid shaking of hands, hugging or kissing

•Always walk with hand sanitiser and use it after touching

•If purchasing food outside ensure that you use a hand sanitizer before eating

• Cough or sneeze in the crook of your elbow

•Observe proper hygiene and don’t put your hands in your mouth, eyes and nose, avoid touching your face,

•Try and use the back of your hands or elbow instead of touching when walking around

•Drink lots of water to keep Hydrated

•Use hand sanitizers with 60% of alcohol content

•Before going to bed, cream your hands properly with moisturizers to prevent drying from constant use of hand sanitisers

•Face mask are not necessary for healthy persons, sick persons should use face mask to protect others from getting infected

• Before entering your homes try and have an area where you can wash the sole of your shoes

•Always wash your white cane thoroughly

• Avoid touching the tip of your white cane by not folding the cane. Remember the tip of your cane is in constant contact with the ground.

Symptoms of Corona Virus:

• Shortness of Breath


•High Fever

If presented with any of the above symptoms seek medical help immediately

Tips for Hand Washing

Use ordinary soap or liquid soap and rub hands for at least 20 seconds

Make sure to get under nails and between fingers. Rinse with water and dry off using tissue paper or towel