Brian Hackett

January 2020 may not be the bloodiest in the past five years but what makes the 46 killings recorded significant, is that even as the country bade farewell to 2019, a year which recorded the second-highest number of killings in recent history, the bloodletting spilled over into 2020.

Just after midnight as many families were celebrating the start of a new decade, killers were continuing their rampage.

The first victim, Reynold Chinapoo of California, Couva. He was shot several times.

While the reality is that in January 2018 there were 61 murders, January 2017- 52 murders, and January 2016- 49 murders no one can deny that the country now feels a deeper sense of despair that the criminal element now seems to be going after anyone and everyone. Citizens are living in fear.

In the first week of the new year, 6 people were killed. On January 5th three members of the Chuniesingh family were killed at their Arima home-Damian Chunisingh, his sister Polly-Ann Chunisingh, 31, and uncle Randy Chunisingh, 55, murdered at their Arima home. Their hands were tied and their throats slit.

On January 6th, Jezelle Phillip was fatally stabbed by a man she knew. That killing took place at the Baby Pre-School on George Street.

On January 7th Bangladesh national Jamil Ahmed who had moved to Trinidad seeking a better future was killed at his gyro stall in Siparia.