I have decided to take the drastic measure of reaching out via the editorial with regards to the state of the Blue Basin Road, Diego Martin.

I have spoken to the councillor representative for the area with regards to any updates on the permanent solution to the horrible road conditions we are presently faced with, to no avail.

Road works were done on the Blue Basin Road and new pipelines were laid. It has been over a year since the work has been completed and temporary measures were put in place. It has reached a deplorable position, whereby these temporary fixes have dissipated. The entire length of the Blue Basin Road that was dug up is impassable. There are huge gaps in the roadway where lines were laid to each house.

These horrible road conditions are affecting all residents of the area. It’s taking a toll on residents’ vehicles; taxis have refused and are declining to pick up persons that live in the Blue Basin area.

We, the residents, have not employed any uncongenial or radical measures that persons in other areas have resorted to. We have been very patient and trusting in the authorities to do what’s necessary in bringing closure to this long outstanding matter. It has been over a year, and despite neighbouring roadways being paved (e.g. The entire Diego Martin Main Road, all roads in the river estate community, along with the entire length of the North Post Road), we were left to deal with the atrocious road conditions.

To my dismay, Ms Daniel Plenty (Manager, Corporate Communications, WASA) responded to a letter in the newspaper and has reassured residents in the Morne Coco area, that the pipelaying project is “at present coming to an end, and permanent restoration work is scheduled to commence today.” I am indeed surprised and disappointed that on this project, which has not yet even ended, permanent restoration work is already scheduled to begin. The Blue Basin pipelaying project was completed over a year now. Why is there no permanent restoration work being completed to date for the area. I am not one to suggest the idiosyncrasy of race, political affiliations or wealth/status, but the Blue Basin area is in dire need of permanent restoration work without comparing with other areas.

Please, if I may add, Blue Basin Road is the main thoroughfare for the Blue Basin Waterfall, which is a national tourist site. It’s unfortunate that persons visiting this attraction are subjected to these horrible road conditions.

I implore from WASA, an immediate permanent solution to my highlighted subject today. The road needs paving, the residents are fed-up. I am exasperated at this point.

I await an urgent update from your good selves in due course.

via email