A BMobile outlet at the Government Campus Car Park in Port-of-Spain.

bmobile has announced an upgrade for its customers and has invited mobile phone owners who are not part of its network to try it for thirty days for free.

In a release TSTT’s General Manager Wireless Solutions, Brian Collins, said, “We have full confidence in our network and the service we provide. If you accept our invitation to try our network for free, and you’re not satisfied after 30 days, you can leave freely. We are not holding anyone hostage for 180 days.”

Collins noted that bmobile is giving up its 6-month layer that was put in place to protect operators because it wants to give customers more freedom and flexibility.

He went on to affirm that there is no contract and there are no questions asked, if someone chooses to leave after the 30-day trial period, indicating that those who accept the invitation have nothing to lose.

The upgrade applies to all of the company’s mobile plans and customers will begin to receive improved phone packages along with additional benefits and features from June 24th 2020 at no added cost. The new plans include significantly increased data allowances and enhanced features that everyone on the bmobile network would begin to enjoy within the next 30 days.

The bmobile initiative would affect all prepaid and postpaid plans and has been inspired by customer feedback and months of research.

According to Collins bmobile is the only operator to offer unlimited 4G LTE data across all of its packages. He also said that in bmobile’s seven 4G LTE unlimited data products, customers will see their data limit increase to a minimum of 20 GB, which is a 600 per cent increase.

Along with increasing the minimum data limit and offering free WhatsApp and Facebook messaging and free roaming data, bmobile has also included the expansion of ‘Anywhere’ minutes to include all Zone one countries and territories (customers can call the US, UK, Canada, China, Hong Kong and India with these minutes) and the zero rated access to all three daily newspapers as well as BBC and CNN.

With bmobile’s system wide upgrade, all mobile customers would see their data limit increase to a minimum of 20 GB – which means that in addition to the other enhancements, a customer with a $199 monthly plan would now receive 20 GB of data instead of 3 GB, for the same price.

Collins reiterated that this initiative is not a promotion but rather the product of months of work.