FLASHBACK – BOATT executives meet with Police Commissioner Gary Griffith (left) on July 23, 2020. At centre is Satesh Moonasar, then Vice President, now interim President of BOATT. Former interim president, Teron Mohan, is seated at right. (Image courtesy TTPS)

The Barkeepers & Operators Association of Trinidad & Tobago (BOATT) has a new interim president, after Teron Mohan stepped down from the post.

An official statement from BOATT confirms that Satesh Moonasar is the Association’s new interim president.

The full text of the BOATT statement, follows…

The Barkeepers & Operators Association of Trinidad & Tobago would like to issue the following statement:

Mr Teron Mohan is no longer the Interim President of the Association. We would like to thank Mr Mohan for his service and wish him success in his future endeavours.

Our Vice President, Mr Satesh Moonasar, would now hold the position of Interim President, effective immediately. We wish to congratulate Mr Moonasar on his new appointment and look forward to him leading the Association.