Barkeepers & Operators Association president Teron Mohan (centre), with vice-president Satesh Moonasar (left), and PRO Anil Maraj Powell.

The Barkeepers & Operators Association of Trinidad & Tobago (BOATT) is hoping that when the Prime Minister addresses the country tomorrow, during his Saturday press conference, that he will announce an ease of restrictions on the Food and Beverage Sector.

In a statement released today, BOATT says businesses in the sector have been doing all they can to be ready when restrictions are eased, if not lifted.

“Restaurants and Bars throughout the country have reinvented themselves, formed alliances, simulated situations, gone through rigorous trainings and formulated safety measures and protocols,” BOATT points out in its release.  “For us, it’s not about selling something but trying to solve something during this social and economic downturn, so we can all come out better in the end. We are all trying to navigate the ‘New Normal’.”

BOATT also is urging that the COVID Unit—which comprises Public Health Inspectors and Police Officers—be allowed to enforce the Public Health regulations and guidelines, to ensure full compliance and adherence to the regulations.

“They must be very vigilant and firm in the execution of their duties on non-compliant businesses,” BOATT maintain. “This is the only way Trinidad and Tobago can move forward and win the battle against COVID-19.”