Anneicia “Smally” Lewis.

The search for 31-year-old Anisa “Smally” Lewis has intensified with the Hunters Search and Rescue team lending their expertise to the search.

Lewis was reportedly swept away by raging water on Friday afternoon while trying to exit a spring in the hills of Bagatelle in Diego Martin.  

The Hunters Search and Rescue Team is being led by Vallence Rambharat and Ren  Gopeesingh.  The group is working closely with the TTPS Air Support Unit under ag. Inspector Ronnie Rampallard, in the search for Anisa Lewis.

The group also has asked anyone with information that can aid the recovery effort to contact 329-7170 or 7991453.

Meantime there are reports that the Coast Guard has recovered a body near the yacht club in Carenage, this morning.

There is as yet no identification of the body found.