Members of the search party who help in the recovery of Kurty Phillip’s body on Monday 22 March 2021.
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After several hours of searching, divers have found the body of Kurty Phillip of California who drowned while swimming in a pond at the Windsor Park quarry on Sunday.

The body was fished out of the pond around 7 am on Monday by divers from the Hunters Search and Rescue Team Hardgrounds.

Hardgrounds founder Ren Gopiesingh said around 11:30 pm, they received a call for help.

“We went to the spot at 6 am and began searching. We spotted the body about 25 feet below the surface of the pond, and we contacted the Couva police who advised us to stand down. The Coast Guard, Army and police came, and they brought the body up. It is still there waiting to be viewed by the District Medical Officer,” Gopiesingh said.

Guardian Media understands Phillip came to the quarry with a group of friends and got into some difficulty. One of the friends tried to help him but could not. Phillip disappeared in the murky water.

A call was made for help, but the search had to be abandoned as darkness fell.

Guardian Media will bring you more as this story develops.