Kavish Jaimungal, left, and Krystal Laloon, who was crushed to death when a gate fell on them. Kavish remains warded at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex.

Five-year-old Kavish Jaimungal of Penal, who was seriously injured on Sunday when a falling gate took the life of his cousin Krystal Laloon, is improving but remains warded at hospital.

His father, Ravi Jaimungal, told Guardian Media that his son was now speaking and had realised that he is in hospital.

He said he was thanking God for his son’s improvement and the doctors who are visiting him regularly and doing their best to have him completely recover.

Kavish is now speaking and asking his parents questions, a sign of improvement for which his parents are happy and thank God for, the father said.

He added that prayers were being offered for his son’s recovery and that he hopes by the grace of God he will be out of the hospital shortly.

Kavish had gone to his grandparents home at Sangre Chiquito last weekend when tragedy struck.

On Sunday, he was playing with his cousin Krystal under the house when, around 3.30 pm, a man came to the home at Sangre Chiquito.

Both Krystal and Kavish went to the gate when the visitor was attempting to open it.

It slipped off the rails and fell on both children, pinning them to the ground.

By the time relatives rushed toward them, both children were unconscious and Krystal was covered in blood.

Relatives said the man pushed the gate in the wrong direction, causing it to run off its track and fall on the children.

They were both rushed to the Sangre Grande Hospital where Krystal underwent emergency surgery. She succumbed to her injuries on Monday morning.

Kavish was transferred to the Mt Hope hospital where he was warded and remains warded receiving treatment for his injuries.

Family members said he is not aware of Krystal’s death and they are avoiding telling him for now.

Meanwhile, the postmortem for Krystal is carded for Monday at the Forensic Science Centre in St James.