The country’s largest natural gas producer BPTT has decided to close its offices for a month as it response to the COVID-19 threat.

In response to questions from Guardian Media BPTT said for the past week its Health and Crisis Management teams have been working on our response to COVID-19.

It noted that in keeping with the rest of the BP Group it had decided to close its Port of Spain and Galeota offices and staff not required at work will be allowed to operate remotely.

BPTT said: “BP Group has announced that any staff not required at a work site for safe and reliable operations, will transition to working virtually from home until at least 15 April 2020.  As a result, our Port of Spain and Galeota offices will be closed during this period.”

It said as a multinational organization with global operations and large movement of staff across regions to support operations, the company has taken this measure to minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19 while maintaining critical operations.

BPTT produces half the country’s total output of natural gas.