Brasso Venado resident, former school principal Marilyn Villafana asking for help for the children in the community

The people of Brasso Venado call their community, the forgotten village.

From landslips that are creating craters along the roadway to an upsurge in robberies due to the relocation of their police post.

“It is forgotten because nobody doesn’t really come to us and look for us you know to see what is happening,” Marilyn Villafana told Guardian Media.

But chief among their concerns right now is the education of their children.

With schooling moving to an online platform, the lack of electronic devices to access material is putting at least 30 children in the village at a disadvantage.

“Remember right now these children not seeing their teacher and while they are getting the packages from school they have to read and understand on their own without the guidance of their teacher. If they don’t get this assistance some of them are going to be left behind,” Villafana said.

Internet access is also an issue in the remote Central village. Villafana who is a former school principal allows the students to use her internet connection, which is not a privilege many can afford.

“We don’t have internet connectivity on the line, but what we have is a wireless box that you buy, but only about four families have that,” Villafana said.

Villafana said the people of Brasso Venado depend on agriculture to earn a living, but this year money has been harder to come by.

“Most of the parents depend on agriculture for a livelihood which really won’t bring in much money in these COVID-19 times, some of the children have to go by a neighbour to share a little phone.”

Villafana, a former educator is very worried about the children’s development.

“They will be left behind without getting these devices and being able to do online and do research, maybe they will be slow in reading, remember we in COVID since March and who knows how much they have read since then, because we have slow learners and those who are trying.”

She is hoping people will come to their rescue.

“Well, I am pleading to any good Samaritan out there, if they could come forward to Brasso Venado and assist these children as soon as possible, and help them to maybe get a box for the internet, that will make the children happy and help them to get the education they deserve.”

Anyone willing to help the children of Brasso Venado can call Marilyn Villafana at 715-7175/ 291-7792.