Port-of-Spain, City Corporation workers install barricades on the Brian Lara Promenade Port-of-Spain, yesterday to prevent loitering.

The Brian Lara Promenade was cordoned off on Saturday as a result of people flouting the COVID-19 regulations. This was revealed by Port-of-Spain Mayor Joel Martinez who also said that the coconut vendors around the Queen’s Park Savannah are likely to be closed down also.

Speaking to the Sunday Guardian, Martinez said “Our Municipal Police made an observation on Thursday on the Promenade that there were a lot of people clustering and congregating there, they were breaking all the protocol rules.

“That came to my attention by a request, we had a meeting on Friday with Council, Public Health, the police, together with the administration of the Corporation.

“We came to a decision to cordon off the Promenade to be able to discourage people from loitering and congregating, but at the same time, we will leave the public facilities open for their convenience.”

He said they were not able to get it done on Friday because when he passed that night he saw that the situation was out of hand with people liming like it was a regular Friday night and not during a pandemic.

Martinez said he immediately instructed the police to do carry out the exercise and they were able to access some barriers from the TTPS and caution tape to cordon off the area.

He said the corporation was also increasing police patrols and presence in the Central Market to ensure smooth operations and also vendors and shoppers alike were COVID-19 protocol compliant.