Bush fire contained at army base


A fire truck enters the Tetron Barracks in Chaguaramas just after lunch, to assist in containing a bushfire on the compound that threatened nearby ammunition bunkers. (Image: ABRAHAM DIAZ)

A raging bush fire that threatened army bunkers at the Tetron Barracks in Chaguaramas was contained, shortly after lunch today

Officers from the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard (TTCG) averted disaster, with the help of the Defence Force, and additional assistance of the Trinidad and Tobago Fire Services from Wrightson Road.

Sources at Tetron Barracks told Guardian Media that the bushfire crawled dangerously close to several bunkers that contained ammunition.

But quick action by the officers on the base helped avert any damage to the bunkers.

One source said that bushfires are a regular occurrence during the dry season and fire trails are also established to respond to fires of this nature.

When Guardian Media arrived outside Tetron Barracks around 12:30 pm, at least one fire tender and four other fire vehicles were seen entering the compound.

(More on this story as it develops.)