Shiva Balkaran, the owner of Shiva’s Transport, looks at his burnt trucks yesterday.

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Carnival is usually a lucrative time for entrepreneurs and small business owners, but one Barrackpore trucker is having a sour season after an arsonist torched his two trucks.

Shiva Balkaran, the owner of Shiva’s Transport lost two trucks with 40-ft trailers, which he planned to convert to music trucks for Carnival Monday in Port-of-Spain.

He told Guardian Media that the loss was estimated at $900,000, which was a blow after working hard in the sugar cane industry.

With the money he saved, he purchased the trucks and formed his business.

Balkaran said the trucks were usually parked in an open area along Cemetery Street, Monkey Town. On Sunday night, he and his business partner Sheldon had finished repairing and painting the trucks for the road. They left to check another truck when someone called and told them about the fire.

“When I reached down here I called Sheldon and we had no choice but just to watch it finish burn down,” Balkaran said.

He said fire officers found evidence that an accelerant was thrown on the door of the truck, making this incident a case of arson. Barrackpore police are investigating. So far, no one has been held.