M.V. Cabo Star.


The lone, designated, interisland cargo vessel Cabo Star, remains on the route, for now, until a new cargo vessel is built.

This is according to the National Infrastructure Development Company Ltd (NIDCO).

In a September 17 release, NIDCO said a deal with a company to provide an alternative vessel fell through after the company increased the daily rental rate of the ship from the already agreed to fee of US $20,500 to US $23,500.

According to NIDCO, because the tenderer breached the agreement, the contract was cancelled on September 4.

However, on September 8, the tenderer reversed its earlier price increase and reverted to the tendered price of US $20,500.

NIDCO said because of the tenderer’s earlier actions, the state company felt it could not be trusted not to pull out of the deal during the contracted period. 

NIDCO also revealed that based on events at the last tendering procurement process, it was decided that “the Cabo Star be retained as a short term measure while the company [NIDCO] pursues the construction of a cargo vessel as a permanent solution”.

The T&T Interisland Transportation Company Ltd notes that the Cabo Star began servicing the interisland route from June 24, 2017.

The vessel can carry 130 passengers and 300 vehicles.