Caribbean Airlines has announced changes to its flight schedule for Thursday 3rd June 2021, the Corpus Christi holiday, because of the curfew measures in effect on that day.

According to an advisory issued by the airline, only one domestic flight will operate between Trinidad and Tobago.

The airline also advises that BW 606, service to Georgetown, Guyana on Thursday June 3rd, will depart at its regular scheduled time of 9.05 p.m.

Caribbean Airlines says the following flight changes are in effect for Thursday June 3rd, 2021:

BW 1502Depart Trinidad at 7:00 amArrive Tobago at 7:25 am
BW 1503Depart Tobago at 8:10 amArrive Trinidad at 8:35 am
BW 606 Depart Trinidad at 9:05 pmArrive Guyana at 10:45 pm

The airline also advises persons scheduled to fly within the curfew hours to contact the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service Operational Command Centre, at the following numbers, for the necessary clearance to get to the airport:

● 480-2000                  ● 612-3876                  ● 684-5730
● 684-5076                  ● 684-5035                  ● 684-5233

CAL says on the day of their flight, customers also are reminded to walk with a copy of their travel itineraries to assist with any request from the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.

In addition, the airline is recommending that persons travel on the domestic air bridge for essential and emergency purposes only.  Caribbean Airlines says tickets can be placed on hold for future travel, with no penalties, when a full schedule resumes.