Caribbean Airlines will investigate claims that its staff is being housed in unsuitable conditions in New York.

On Thursday, the Aviation Communication and Allied Workers Union wrote to Caribbean Airlines Chairman Garvin Medera expressing concerns over the airline staff’s accommodation during layovers in New York City.

The union gave the airline 48 hours to address the situation, which they said left their staff exposed to low outdoor conditions and to endure dust and noise created by the ongoing construction at the hotel. The union also claimed the airline staff were the only guests at the hotel.

In a release to the media, the union said the airline did not attempt to move their flight crew from a named hotel “although it is being renovated.”

However, in response, Caribbean Airlines said management has not received any official complaint from the crew related to the hotel in JFK or anywhere else.

In their statement, the Airline said “ACAWU is also not a recognized majority bargaining union at Caribbean Airlines. However, management has noted the contents of the letter as the airline takes seriously its duty of care for all employees.”

They said the matters raised regarding the hotel are being investigated and a report is to be submitted early next week.

They added, “Management will also be communicating with the employees to obtain further feedback, based on which, the next steps will be decided.”