Some of the CAL passengers who are currently stranded in Puerto Rico. CAL says it is doing everything it can to get everyone home tonight. (Image courtesy KRISHNANAND BISSOON)

Roughly 150 Caribbean Airlines passengers say they are stranded in Puerto Rico after their flight from Miami was forced to make an emergency landing at around 6pm, yesterday.

Guardian Media understands passengers were told that someone passed away on the flight, forcing them to divert to Puerto Rico. But some passengers we spoke with say they have been left to fend for themselves with very little information, no food, and no confirmation on when they will board a flight home.

A relative told Guardian Media, “Up to now they are still there in the departure lounge with no accommodation, no food.”

“Compounding the comedy of errors is the language barrier as enunciated by Captain,” she added.

Passengers say they were told that the plane has too much fuel “and it has to be reduced”, which is causing a further delay.  The latest update they received is that they may be able to return home at 10pm tonight. Passengers say they had to sleep in the airport lounge overnight, but what is compounding their frustration is the limited flow of information.

One woman told us that their relative is diabetic and she is “worried”.

Caribbean Airlines issued the following statement”

“Caribbean Airlines confirms that flight BW 483 of December 13 bound for Piarco International Airport, Trinidad, diverted to Puerto Rico, due to a medical emergency.

Due to restrictions in the territory and other regulatory issues, a second relief aircraft was sent from Trinidad to Puerto Rico to bring the passengers to Trinidad, however, unfortunately, there were mitigating circumstances, outside of the control of the airline and the second aircraft was unable to leave Puerto Rico.

Caribbean Airlines assures all stakeholders that it is doing all within its control to resolve this situation and to get the passengers to their final destinations.

The airline thanks the customers for their understanding and regrets the inconvenience caused due to these unplanned events.”