A 34-year-old California resident currently is in police custody assisting with investigations into a report of arson yesterday.

According to official police reports, 1:30 am on September 23rd, a man retired to his bed and was later awoken from sleep by smoke which came from the back of his two-storey house.

The man subsequently made checks and realised that his California home was ablaze.

He later contacted emergency personnel and appliances from the Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service, Savonetta Fire Station, were dispatched to the location. Officers of the Couva Police Station also responded to the distress call.

The fire was extinguished with no reported injuries.

The estimated value of the damage is yet to be determined.

Meanwhile, police have arrested a male suspect who is assisting them with enquiries into the report of arson.

PC Douglas of the Couva Police Station is continuing investigations.