Patrice and Gerard Flanders, creators of the popular board game Trini Quest, recently presented a copy to former National Calypso Monarch Black Stalin (Leroy Calliste) one of local icons featured in the game.

“It is appropriate that we make the presentation in Calypso History month. We produced 50 pieces and we are trying to present them to all who are part of the game,” said Patrice Flanders.

“The game is educational so it will teach about the history of T&T if you don’t already know it. I want people to learn about our history. It took this long because we wanted to get permission from the Copyright Music Organisation of T&T and the licensing to use the lyrics of our artistes’ songs.”

According to Gerard Flanders, Trini Quest is like the board games people of his era grew up with and is intended to “raise awareness of who we are and where we have been.”

“Everything was made locally, except the dice, so we also provided employment for our small businesses,” he said.

The Flanders are working on a second edition of the game with improved questions and featuring sporting personalities like Keshorn Walcott, Brian Lara and Hasely Crawford, as well as chutney singer Sundar Popo, trade unionist George Weekes, and calypsonians Ras Kommanda (Steven Pascall), Johnny King, and Denyse Plummer.