A walk for peace and justice by residents of Scorpion Alley, Carenage, on Sunday.

Dressed in white, residents of Scorpion Alley, Carenage and environs walked through their community on Sunday to demand justice for Jessica Zamore.

A 37-year-old woman was shot dead on Wednesday after gunmen opened fire on a vehicle she was travelling in.

“Jessica doh meddle with nobody really, Jessica did not deserve that death,” Carenage Resident Francine Edwards said.

The other occupants of the vehicle were also injured including a disabled girl and her grandmother who wore the same t-shirt she had on during the attack. The tear in her blouse caused by the bullets still visible.

“So they are telling us that anybody passing in a car allyuh go shoot them down,” Edwards said.

It was that attack that drove the residents to action.

“Enough is enough,” they shouted.

The residents said for years they have been fighting against the criminal elements in Carenage and it’s time to take their community back as they believe that it’s a small group of people who are causing trouble where they reside.

“I must be the cause of them being so strong because I give them food, feed them today for them to point gun at we,” she said.

Equipped with signs that portrayed what they may be keeping inside the residents sang hymns and even stopped to say a prayer during their walk.

“Disturb the thoughts of the young men oh lord,” they prayed.

“We pray that they may put down their guns lord,” they continued.

As they prepared for what could be described as a dangerous battle ahead to take back their community as they admitted that the police can’t do it alone.

They also acknowledged how dangerous it is for them to speak out.

“Gary Griffith cannot do it alone,” one resident said.

“There is someone you can tell and that is God,” she continued.

But even with fate in the man above and the willpower to do what it takes to stop another innocent person from being killed in Scorpion the residents are still fearful for their lives.

“I am frightened,” Edwards said.

“That could have been anybody in that car, anybody mother, father, brother,” she continued.

But they refuse to move and is pleading with the gangsters to not let another mother bury her child.