Carib’s new “grab and go” option on a banner outside the Dexstar Sports Bar and Lounge in Arouca

Carib Brewery is offering a “grab and go” option to help bars cope with the latest restrictions put in place to combat the spread of COVID-19 in T&T, sector head of beverages at ANSA McAL Peter Hall has stated.

On August 15 Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley announced new restrictions following the rise in COVID-positive cases in the country including the stopping of all in-house dining at bars and restaurants.

“So what we think is the unique opportunity for the restaurant and bars is to sell cold beer, very cold beer and so to do that what we’re doing is we’re creating some offers particularly helping them with things like ice and carrier bags and appropriate pricing so that they can sell a six-pack of beer not in the normal carry carton as you might find in a Massy store but in a plastic bag with ice in it.

“Nice and cold. Ready to go,” Hall said.

The grab and go option allows patrons to choose six of their favourite brews from Carib and purchase them in a plastic bag with ice.

When the first wave of COVID-19 hit this country bars were also affected and had to shut their doors for over 100 days.

Hall said Carib made the decision to help the bars by replacing their inventory for free.

“One of the things we were able to do for those customers was basically exchange all of their beer so we could bring fresh beer back in at no cost so that was another way we wanted to help them get back on their feet,” Hall said.

Hall said in preparation for restrictions being lifted in the future Carib Brewery will also be offering training to bar owners.

“We have developed training programmes with industry associations both in hospitality and in beverages and with the ministry of health to really not just admonish bar and restaurant owners for doing the wrong thing but actually really try and show them how to do the right thing and that is a big plan that we have,” Hall said.