9Y-GUY operating as BW520 on the tarmac at the Piarco International Airport last night. Photo: Dr. Shanice Peters

The second 737-8 in Caribbean Airlines fleet took to the skies in the early hours of this morning, operating its first revenue flight for the local carrier. 9Y-GUY, operating as BW520, departed the Piarco International Airport shortly before midnight touching down at New York’s John F. Kennedy just after 4 am this morning local time. The aircraft arrived back in Trinidad at 11:57 am. 

One of the passengers, Dr. Shanice Peters, spoke with Guardian Media on arrival in New York telling us that while she was excited to be on inaugural journey, she had mixed views on some of the new features in the aircraft. Dr. Peters said that there was a definite difference in the noise level in the cabin, with the 737-8 cabin being a lot quieter especially during take-off and landing.  

File: 9Y-GUY undergoing testing in the USA. Photo: Nick Dean

Caribbean Airlines took delivery of the brand-new aircraft last December. The aircraft underwent several weeks of checks and tests in preparation for commercial service. Its sister plane, 9Y-CAL, flew the POS-JFK route yesterday for the first time.  

In a media statement, Caribbean Airlines CEO Garvin Medera described customer feedback on the 737-8 flights so far as reassuring, adding that the “flight into JFK, New York, home to a large percentage of the Diaspora, was only fitting, as JFK is a popular and well-loved destination in our network”.   

Later this week the airline will use the 737-8 on the Miami and Orlando routes on January 26th and 27th respectively.