The issue of COVID vaccines for small island developing countries will be raised at a roundtable which Caricom’s Foreign Affairs team will host between the Caribbean and US on March 24.

Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh and Foreign Affairs Minister Amery Browne both confirmed this yesterday.

Deyalsingh said 1,113 people were given their primer vaccinations from the 2,000 AstraZeneca donations recently given by Barbados. The other half of the vaccines will be used as the required booster shots for those vaccinated.

T&T expects 100,08 vaccines from the COVAX facility by month end, and 226,000 doses from the African Union. This is now increased to 426,000. Price and arrival time is being awaited. Foreign Affairs approached India, China, France and Germany and talks are on with several vaccine manufacturers.

Yesterday, UNC MP Dave Tancoo criticised Deyalsingh’s criticism of the Opposition leader’s complaint to India that T&T was “reeling” with COVID .

Tancoo said ,”We have had so many convoluted stories from the Health Minister and his team about this virus and when vaccines were requested and when vaccines will actually be available.”

He added: “Substantial number of countries in the Caribbean have already accessed vaccines from India and are already vaccinating large sections of their population. The Health Minister was even publicly clueless about 2,000 doses donated by Barbados .: