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Wednesday, July 6, 2022


Let good sense prevail

Trinidad and Tobago reported its first case of coronavirus (COVID-19) yesterday, a 52-year-old man who came into the country from Switzerland on Monday night....

The theatrics of racism

Now that the battle has been played out in the arena of Trinidad and Tobago and the governing political party readies itself to strategically...

Keep the faith, SEA students

To all our SEA students, the fact that you have endured despite all the challenges to get to this day and finally sit the...

Miracle grow?

All religious traditions have stories of miracles performed by their leaders. In the Gospel of John, Jesus is said to have performed seven miracles...

Yes Minister

The UK “Yes Minister” television series should be standard viewing for any politician as it is an abject lesson in not taking oneself too...

Worship needed more than ever

Dear Prime Minister, Please accept my heartfelt thanks for doing your best up until this point for our country as it relates to the protocols...

Taxation: Modern-day capitalism and slavery?

Dr Williams’ famous but controversial premise that slavery funded the Industrial Revolution might have been true as lots of money made in the Caribbean...

Carnival cancelled

In the history of T&T Carnival, only war and disease have ever stopped the festival. There were no pre-Lenten revelries during the years of World...

Citizens will pay more

The Budget is now behind us and all the anxiety has come to an end. The word of our Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley...

Striking the right balance

When Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley faces the country on Saturday to pronounce on current COVID-19 restrictions, it will be two months...


Family of Leonardo Williams speaks

The family of Leonardo Williams, one of the men killed by police on Saturday morning felt the protests reflect the community's disgust...

Mother says her son was not involved in criminal activities

The mother of one of the men killed in maracas over the weekend is tonight denying that her son was involved in...

Multiple protests erupted across the capital city

Multiple protests erupted across the capital city. Residents angered by the police-involved killing of three young men over the weekend. Residents of...

Two of the three survivors from Saturday’s police shooting released

Two of the three survivors from Saturday's police shooting in Port of Spain have been released from police custody. Now despite police...

Trini boy gets Commonwealth award

Trinidadian 11-year-old Daniel Rajkumar, 11, received a Silver Award in the “Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2021” hosted by the Royal Commonwealth Society, England. Rajkumar...