Centenarian Mathar Farria of Church Street, Matura, second from left, accepts a gift and hamper from members of the UNC Toco / Sangre Grande executive at her home on Mother’s Day.

In this harsh economic time, members of the United National Congress (UNC) Toco/ Sangre Grande executive decided to honour mothers. One of the recipients was centenarian Mathar Farria of Church Street, Matura.

Farria, who turned 103 in February, welcomed the gift and hamper, but not before asking questions, as to why members were wearing masks on their faces.

Still physically and mentally fit, she welcomed members and thanked them for thinking of her and making her recall her Mother’s Day with her children.

It was not just Mother’s Day alone that Farria was celebrating, she is also a grand, greatgrand, great great grand mother as well. She thanked God for her life and for the people who can visit and make mothers happy.