Caribbean Safety Products Ltd CEO Shaun Manocha and supervisor Jai Maharaj pose for a picture with recipients of laptops, from left, Dionne Lallsingh with daughter Skyla, Jason Chance with son Jordon and Rickson Ramlal with son Bryan at the company’s Couva base yesterday.

A Central-based businessman believes the government should offer tax breaks to companies which assist underprivileged families.

Chief Executive Officer of Caribbean Safety Products Ltd Shaun Manocha made the call after donating free devices to students of the Bien Venue Presbyterian School in La Romaine yesterday.

Manocha said after scouting around several communities, he and his team decided to focus on La Romaine because of the number of parents who were finding it difficult to buy supplies for their children.

Manocha said even though some parents were getting online classes, many of them could not afford to purchase their children’s school books.

“I believe that bookstore owners should do something to reduce the price of books or to donate books to children whose parents cannot afford to provide books to them,” Manocha said.

He added that the Government should encourage more corporate companies to assist by providing incentives.

“Tax breaks will be welcomed. We believe that the Government can give tax breaks for more companies to assist,” Manocha said.

He noted that 12 devices will be given to needy students from the Bien Venue Presbyterian School over the next few days.

Meanwhile, several parents who were interviewed expressed thanks for the assistance.

Dion Lallsingh, who has three children said, “I am lucky to get a device. I’m not employed and my husband works part-time. We haven’t bought textbooks for anyone as yet. My first daughter wrote SEA, my second daughter in Standard Three and my last daughter we didn’t purchase anything for her at all,” Lallsingh said.

She added, “I think more companies should get on board. It is very difficult with COVID-19. Parents income has dwindled and we are living on money for groceries and bills.”

Another parent Jason Chance said he too was grateful for the device.

“I am fortunate to receive this. It will come in handy for my child’s learning. Everything is on a down low because of the COVID-19. I cannot afford a tablet. I have two other children and it is difficult to supply each one of them,” he said.

Nine more devices are expected to be to distributed to underprivileged children over the next few days by officials of Caribbean Safety Products Ltd.