CEPEP Workers provide ground maintenance services at the UWI Debe Campus Quarantine Facility. (Image courtesy CEPEP)

The CEPEP Company Limited (CCL) has partnered with the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force, Ministry of Health, and the University of the West Indies, to provide ground maintenance services for four COVID-19 step-down facilities.

According to an official release from the company, CEPEP will provide maintenance services for the step-down facilities at:

  • The Home of Football in Couva
  • The Vision on Mission compound in Claxton Bay
  • The UWI’s St Augustine Campus
  • The UWI’s Debe Campus

CEPEP says the partnerships—while not formalised—are critical to efforts to “flatten the curve” and keep citizens safe and COVID-free.

Chief Executive Officer of the CEPEP Company Limited, Keith Eddy, notes they are providing landscaping services, cutting of fire trails, and keeping both the outer and inner perimeters for the listed facilities clean and clear of all debris. To date, approximately 400 CEPEP workers have been carrying out these duties since the partnership started on April 15th, 2020.

He reaffirmed CEPEP’s commitment to providing any assistance required by the Ministry of Health to ensure the battle against COVID-19 is successful.

“COVID-19 protocols have been put into effect to protect the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago and we aim to assist the Ministry of Health and other governmental agencies as much as possible,” he stated. “We have also ensured that over 110 primary schools have been cleaned in preparation for the upcoming Secondary Examinations Assessment (SEA). Our teams are providing a tremendous contribution to the fight against COVID-19 and they must be commended.” 

The CEPEP CEO added: “As part of the Company’s mandate to keep workers safe, the Ministry of Health officials sanitize the respective premises before entry to ensure that all CEPEP workers are carrying out their duties in a safe working environment. These workers are supervised by our Health and Safety Officers and are always outfitted in proper protective equipment.”