CEPEP Workers provide ground maintenance services at the UWI – Debe Campus Quarantine Facility. (Image courtesy CEPEP)

The CEPEP Company Limited (CCL) has temporarily suspended its field operations until further notice starting today, Monday 17th May 2021, but workers will not go empty-handed.

An advisory from the company explains the move is part of its efforts to protect the health and well-being of CEPEP workers throughout the country, as well as to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, and in adherence with the call by the Prime Minister and health authorities to “stay home” and “stay safe”.

“The CEPEP Company Limited currently manages approximately ten thousand (10,000) workers comprising mainly of single-parent families. As a responsible organization, the Company has also taken the decision to compensate these workers during the temporary suspension of field operations,” CEPEP CEO Keith Eddy says in the release.

Mr Eddy says the company is committed to keeping its workers, both in-office and on-the-field, safe.

“At CEPEP’s Head Office, staff has been working on a rotational basis since we resumed operations in June 2020. We conduct routine sanitization of the entire premise and COVID protocols are strictly adhered to when entering the compound. Staff are always required to wear face masks. This is also practiced by workers on the field and monitored by our Field Officers and Safety Officers,” he reports.

“Additionally, customers who have essential business needs can do so electronically as the facility exists and employees are equipped to work from home,” he added.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started in March 2020, CEPEP has been partnering with the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force, the Ministry of Health, and the University of the West Indies to provide ground maintenance services for five COVID-19 step-down facilities, namely:

●          The Home of Football in Couva

●          The Vision on Mission compound in Claxton Bay

●          Both the St Augustine and Debe campuses of the University of the West Indies

●          Valsayn Teachers’ Training College – UTT Campus

“The CEPEP Company Limited recognizes the critical importance of collective partnership as we seek to keep our citizens safe and we stand ready to mobilize and assist the above-mentioned organizations when required,” CEO Keith Eddy assures.

Mr. Eddy is urging citizens to follow the directives of the Prime Minister and health officials when they say, “stay home, stay safe”.