Richie Sookhai, President of the Chaguanas Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CCIC).

Shastri  Boodan

Widespread solar powered charging stations are needed for electric vehicles. This point was underscored by Richie Sookhai, the president of the Chaguanas Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CCIC).

Speaking with Guardian Media on Tuesday, Sookhai said stations should be installed at malls, schools and at public and private institutions where there is the demand for charging.

He said charging stations would make the vehicle more attractive “In Barbados there are charging stations for e-vehicles at the malls.” Sookhai said CNG is not popular because of the limited availability of filling stations. He said there are several parts of country that are without any CNG capacity.

In Tobago CNG is avaliable only to buses operated by the PTSC. Domestic consumers are debarred from filling at the NGC CNG facility at the Cove Industrial Estate, Tobago, and there are no moves to set up a CNG station on the sister isle.

Sookhai, an engineer by profession, said the move to give tax concessions on two year old vehicles are reasonable. He said “The life expectancy of the battery is based on the age and the amount of distance covered by the vehicle. In a used vehicle this may be substantially reduced. Therefore a two-year-old vehicle may be the better buy when compared to an older unit.”  Sookhai said government should also look at ways to implement systems for proper disposal of batteries from e-vehicles.