Chaguanas Mayor Vandana Mohit.

The Chaguanas Market has been closed.

Mayor Vandana Mohit said the facility would be closed for three days starting on Tuesday, March 24.

She said “In light of looming concerns due to developments surrounding COVID-19 from both vendors and the general public, the Chaguanas Borough Corporation has responded to act quickly ensuring that preventative measures are in place to ensure the safety and non-disruption of our vendors as well as continuous access to fresh foods by our burgesses on a daily basis. As such the Chaguanas Market will be closed for the purposes of sanitization and maintenance works.”

The Market will reopen on Friday 27 March, with its hours of operation being, Monday to Friday from 4:30 AM to 4:30 PM and on Weekends and Public Holidays from 4:30 AM to 2:00 PM.

She said, “We are kindly asking all vendors to remove goods from the market stalls to ensure that our sanitization and maintenance works are not disrupted. All vendors are asked to comply with the guidelines given to ensure a smooth process of sanitization and maintenance works. We wish to reiterate to our vendors and users of the Chaguanas Market that we are simply protecting your health which is our wealth. We do understand the inconvenience but we are required to fight this global challenge together.”

Reporter: Shastri Boodhan