Ricardo Ruiz receives the J&J COVID-19 jab at Centre City mall, Chaguanas, yesteday. Looking on is CCIC president Richie Sookhai.

The offering of incentives for individuals to get the COVID-19 vaccine is not the way to go.

This point was underscored by Chaguanas Chamber of Industry and Commerce president Richie Sookhai as he opened a two-day vaccination site at the Centre City Mall, Chaguanas, yesterday.

Sookhai said the facility brought the Johnson & Johnson single jab vaccine to persons who only have to walk into the facility to access it.

He said it was well-received.

“We are hoping that we can pick up any individuals who have had hesitancy to be vaccinated, those who have not had the opportunity and those who have contracted the COVID-19 virus and completed the waiting period to get vaccinated, so they can get the one-shot so they can enter safe zones,” Sookhai said.

The CCIC president said the chamber has been speaking with employers about offering incentives. However, he called on individuals to own up and do the responsible thing.

“It’s about a bigger picture, it’s about bringing T&T back to some level of normalcy to get our economy working once more and protect the lives of our loved ones and of ourselves. This is the bigger picture at the end of the day. The offering of incentives, may, for some individuals, look attractive but in the grand scheme of things it should not be the way to go.”

Sookhai urged persons to speak with qualified medical professionals at the facility rather than “buy wholesale” into the anti-vax propaganda being spewed on social media.

Dr Abdul Hamid, General Manager Primary Care at the North Central Regional Health Authority strongly, advised people against taking a second type of vaccine if they have already been vaccinated.

“Mixing vaccines is not recommended at this time,” Hamid said.

Ricardo Ruiz, who got vaccinated, said he took his time to gather information on the vaccine before making the right choice.

After getting his jab, he had a message for those still uncertain.

“Get vaccinated now,” Ruiz said.