CL Marine

Delivering his contribution to the Appropriation Bill (2021), Lee said CL Marine is a shipyard in Chaguaramas which was owned by the CL group.

“It used to be known as Caridoc. This government is privatizing but yet the Minister of Finance is purchasing CL Marine that has been losing millions every year,” Lee said.

He added, “Unit Trust is holding a lot of debt on that marine shipyard and I want to know why this Minister would purchase that. What is going on there? Questions must be asked as to why the Minister of Finance failed to mention this company as part of his budgets diversification plan. What is the real plan for this company? When would the real board be appointed? How would the partnering company be selected? Is it Bridgemans? Has the company begun to service Government-owned or controlled ships already as stated?” he added.

Lee also said the economy has collapsed because of mismanagement.

The Pointe-a-Pierre MP also called for the closure of the sale of the Pointe-a-Pierre refinery and port.

“One year ago, the Minister of Finance in his 2020 budget boasted that the Refinery would be back up in 12 to 18 months as Government intended to sell the refinery to Patriotic Energies. During, the election the Prime Minister pledged that the Government was ready to sign the Refinery deal within days. Months after the election, no deal has been signed and now the Minister is giving the Union an ultimatum,” Lee said.

He questioned whether the Government had deliberately frustrating negotiations with the OWTU’s company Patriotic Energies and Technologies Limited to sell to their preferred bidder.

Last month Finance Minister Colm Imbert announced that the government had completed the acquisition of CL Marine Limited and its subsidiaries, a commercial drydocking facility located in the Western Coast of Chaguaramas, from CL Financial Limited – In Liquidation.

Imbert said in addition to private sector customers, the shipyard will be utilized to maintain, service and repair the Government’s fleet of vessels, including the two new Fast Ferries, APT James and Buccoo Reef, and the two new Cape Class military vessels, under construction in Australia, the Galleons Passage, the existing Coast Guard fleet, among others.